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Disma " The Lost Vault of Chaos " x2 CD

by Disma

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Setting a standard for death metal

Members of DISMA include early
INCANTATION members Bill Venner 1990’ and Craig Pillard 1991’ to 95’ Daryl Kahan - FUNEBRARUM, Randi Stokes - METHADRONE and Shawn Eldridge - FUNEBRARUM

DISMA on these recordings are:

Craig Pillard - Vocals
Bill Venner – Guitar
Daryl Kahan – Guitar
Randi Stokes - Bass
Shawn Eldridge - Drums

Recordings made on tape to tape reel/analog format at Technical Ecstasy / Analog Destruction / MF studios and Sound Spa Studios NJ

First starting with a 3 song demo tape “THE VAULT OF MEMBROS” Disma showed the incredible riffing and death metal blend of dual tuned down guitars, low rumbling bass and a smashing drummer.
Along with the deep vocals of Craig Pillard an instant classic was made.

The band followed up with a 7 " Ep on Necroharmonic Productions and then a split 7” Ep with WINTERWOLF on Doomentia Records
The band was then signed to Profound Lore records and released their debut full length “Towards the Megalith” With great response from the death metal scene the band started playing more shows in NYC, Texas, Ohio, NJ and finally a short tour in Europe with cult legends CONVULSE in France and Italy.

Next came a bonus 7” with 2 new exclusive tracks recorded specifically for the DIEHARD 2LP version of “Towards the Megalith” as well as a split 7” with CONVULSE

This release marks over 10 years of DISMA in existence

This Double CD release contains:

Disc # 1- The “Vault of Membros” demo, “The Manifestation 7” Ep, the split 7” Ep with Winterwolf and the 2 last recorded tracks originally released on the bonus 7” of the DIEHARD Lp, as well as the cd repress of “Towards the Megalith” in 2015

Disc # 2 - Live on the Radio full set from Soma Degenerate show covering the early era of the band in uncut form. Never released before in its entirety.

Now all of these tracks are available together on CD or the first time

Return to the vault and open the crypt of putrid death metal and release the ancient chaos !!!