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Shipping Time frame for an Order


UPDATED 10 / 2017


Many Items are made , just trying to find time to ship , due to some health issues with my child and several doctor appointments ( sometimes 2-3 a week during mailing hours...) 

.. please be patient.. we are shipping 5-10 packages about every other day currently and some on the weekend.. We do a lot of printing on weekends now..

I am sure we will back up to normal speed shortly. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at necroharmonic@gmail.com   or reach out to us on facebook at 


Some Orders can take 7 - 10 - 14 ( sometimes more...) days if It's a T shirt , Sweatshirt , Hoodie order.  Our process is to " get it out of here " and we will process orders semi-quickly now. If this changes this page will be updated. ( just updated   10 /2 /2017)  Larger sized garments such as XXL and XXXL items as well as some special items sometimes exceed the 7 day mark to ship ( unless we are fully stocked for that item )

 Custom orders are possible too but still need to be checked out through the shopping cart.

We do not accept Pre-Orders anymore .

In some cases , like when a new release on vinyl is released  , the shipping time can increase by an extra day or two. Due to the volume of orders , and the nature of our solid packaging. 

T shirts + garments  processed /  and shipping quickly possible in all cases. If you are interested in a Custom garment and want it in two days, I am not your company. But if you want good service , some extras and good attention for the music package and merchandise... as well as your service , we are here to meet those needs of Metal !

Thank You